My guides have defined for me the existence of seven “levels of
being”. They term these “core natures”. It means that a person is
resonating to certain levels of service, whether they actually work in
the fields most predominately thought of as being associated with
that particular meaning. For example: A person of the Teaching
nature does not have to be a teacher or professor to perform within
their potential of service. They may be a farmer, but they will be
most useful ‘teaching’ within that field, such things as soil quality,
harvest productions means, etc… Teachers are teachers
whatever they are doing and wherever they are doing it.

We all have the combined potentiality of all seven natures, but most
of us are here to work with one or two main themes. In the readings
given by the guides they sometimes will disclose the main one or
two core natures to give insight as to the main thrust of this lifetime.
This is to help give clarity to why we are who we are now, and how
we may best serve and be served while here. Reflection on these
core natures will provide understanding of great depths of
behaviors, attitudes, accomplishments, and interests.

The seven core natures are as follows:
2.  Seeker
3.  Speaker
4.  Healer
5.  Artisan
6. Guardian
7. Wizard

These seven core natures also relate to Chakras and Colors. The
connection of these things, as given to me by the guides, is this:

TEACHER—Crown Chakra  -- Color Violet
This is the art of assimilation and reiteration. It is expressing what is
known (and in some cases merely forgotten) to others for
understanding. It is the impetus to show others broader views,
higher ideas. It is an allowing of or an opening to the middle brain.
Teachers are most driven by intellect and intellectual stimuli.
The majority of incarnating souls choose this nature.
All Spirit Guides are of the teaching hue.
“Sharing what is known, exploring unknown ideas.”

SEEKER---Forehead Chakra  -- Color Royal/Indigo Blue
This is a wanting to find what is not known, to forge new pathways.
It is about looking outward to find what is ‘within’, and to use the
‘within’ to change the outer.  Relates to front brain. These people
are driven by a compulsion for newness and discovery. Analyzing
what has been to see what could be.
“Seeking change, seeking challenges.”

SPEAKER---Throat Chakra – Color Blue
This entails the gift of delivering what is given from higher will,
higher levels of wisdom. Works in the vein of giving what is
received for edification of the masses. Often works in conjunction
with Teacher energy. Is aligned with Logos: Word of God. Verbal
clearinghouse of highest wisdoms.  Not a level of service chosen
by many.
“Ideas when spoken become tangible in reality.”

HEALER---Heart Chakra – Color Green
Demonstrates gifts of compassion, empathy and love. Allows
oneself to be a conduit or facilitator of above traits. These beings
are heart driven and body oriented. This service is often chosen
by those who have been physical many times for they have
experienced most of all things needed for understanding and
therefore relatedness.
“Love in expressed form.”

ARTISAN---Solar Plexus Chakra –Color Yellow
These have chosen the gifts of expression of emotional fields into
physical reality: ability to transform emotion into tangible physical
forms. Guided by deeper emotional levels and emotion fueled
inspirations. Can take the unseen and make it seen. They are the
molders of form and shapers of cultures. Chosen by those well
versed in emotional frameworks.
“Transmutes emotions through expression.”

GUARDIAN---Navel Chakra –Color Orange
These tend to be the protectors of ideals, persons and morals.
Driven by moral and just impulses. Relates to warrior energy. The
aspects of Guardians seen in all public service functions; fire,
police, military, priests/ministers. Guided heavily by senses and
“gut feelings”. Non-violent resistance is their ideal.
“Standing firm and fearless in the face of illusions.”

WIZARD---Root Chakra – Color Red
Transmute energy. Changes forms of energy to higher expressions.
Works with the unseen to bring to sight. Utilizes core sexual energy
and transmutes it to spiritual expression. It is creator and creation in
“What was can change, what will be already is.”

Note:  Please note that I was given the corresponding chakra and
color rays for this material. This is an important point, I believe.

Bear in mind that while we may be of certain “service” orientations
while here in this realm, after leaving we may serve in the higher
realms in a differing capacity. It was explained to me that all who
choose to serve in the higher realms as guides for us here have
chosen to serve as teachers and are therefore of that “hue”.
It is also possible, if sufficient soul growth has been achieved in one
of the pre-chosen core natures, that we may find ourselves shifting
into another “energy mode”. Example: One, who upon incarnating
chooses a core nature of Seeker, may find that at some point that
they may shift and resonate more fully with the “hue” of Teacher

Also, several of the core natures are close enough to have a certain
amount of overlap inherently built in. Example: One who comes to
serve as a Speaker will also, almost by default, be a Teacher.
However, the Teacher “hue” may not be their primary or even
secondary core nature of this incarnation. I believe that in some of
these there is an order of succession, so that the Speaker may
have had several incarnations already serving in the Teacher
capacity, which would well prepare them for duty as a Speaker and
the inherent need to teach others. The same could be said of
Seeker/Healer, Teacher/Healer, Wizard/Artisan, etc…. I think one
level of service is preparation and/or complimentary access for the