Divorce Guidance
Delivered through a session with Celestial Beings
The rocky road of any relational disharmony is one of the hardest
burdens that may be borne upon your world. To feel the need to travel
separate paths is often strong, but the emotional and material
attachments, one to the other, are often hard to unshackle. We would
be with compassion for all in this situation, and offer our wisdom for
both, and the many as well, through these words: It is with great karmic
influence that people are brought together, and it often creates even
greater karmic influence in the separating. To feel the emotions that are
the detaching from the central core of energetic linkage will create great
upheavals within the fabric of the soul of the individuals, and of society
with the preponderance of many choosing to walk separate paths. To
reduce the karmic influence of both the individual and the greater
conglomeration of mass welfare, it is vital that a realizing of the nature
of this endeavor is to release those things not wanted in further karmic

Does the individual, or the society, choose to add to the greater burden
of karmic negativity? Would not the wiser choice be one of adding unto
the harmonic fabric of good intent for future encounters and growth?
Realize in your world that the actions of all affect the all. Realize that
the gift of coming together was one of karmic and well-balanced
orchestration for the betterment of each one involved in the dance of
co-joining. To release one's partner from the dance should be as
stepping to the side to allow for yet another level of experience and
co-joining with others for yet one more dance within this celebration
ball of physicality. Would the dance partner of one be considered rude
if, in the real scenario of a ball, one of the partners refused to release
his dance mate politely to dance with others?  

Your lives and the co-joining called marriage upon your world is but a
dance at the ball of universal growth and experience. If your dance has
ended, release with no malice, no petty rudeness, no harmful intent so
that each may find the entire ball enjoyable. Why allow one dance to
mar the beauty of the ball?  To suckle energy from each other through
unnecessary rudeness and role playing of lesser intent is to choose
unwisely. Take nothing that is not yours, nor give not that which you will
regret losing. Weigh carefully at the scales of balance the effects of
material versus karmic, growth versus retarding, disease to ease, and
pride or love. How you weigh out your choices will be given to you in
your measure of future encounters and growth potential. To turn what
was once love into it's antithesis is but to turn gold into tin. Remember
the love, it is the grander of all things to be weighed. With that memory,
approach the time of choosing. When encased in love, one cannot load
the scales unfairly. One will enjoy the ball for eternity when love is the
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