Diana's Thoughts:  Page Three
Diana Speaks Out
About love.
 “Give me a moment and allow me to explain the way it feels when you cannot feel
with a physical body and yet know what you are feeling. There is a powerful form of
energy that accompanies love that is not made within the physical body. It is a
feeling that there is fullness within your mind and that is a feeling that works
without the body and yet is more wonderful than you can imagine. I was well aware
of the feelings of being able to love when I was in my body and yet I feel that if I
had to feel that again instead of the way I have been made to feel within this realm
then I shall say that I have no need to make haste to reaffirm another life within the
realm of the “living”. …There are many forms of love within the world and yet there
is really only a very weak form of any of them. It is as if there were a fine barrier
between the real love of the spiritual world and the world of being in a body that
makes the forms of love experienced there seem as if they were the foam instead
of the ale. That is a good description, don’t you think? I am well pleased with that
 “I was given a gift that meant the world to me and that was a gift of the ring that
was presented to me with a love that I will always cherish. It was a gift of the man
who I had come to love as I had loved no other and I think that perhaps I was given
this as a going away present to make me feel less alone when I made my major life
change. It seems that when I was the happiest was when I was given the chance to
leave a world that had made me very sorrowful in many of my years. I was at the
height of being happy as far as I can remember, and I think that it was a small
mercy of God to make me so happy for the time that I had to leave. I was able also
to make another so happy and this is also a great source of the gratitude that I feel
for the entire series of events that ended my physical life. I was going to tell you
that when I was given the ring it was decided that we would not make this public
and that was why I was not wearing the ring when we left the hotel. I had placed the
ring back into the box and had it given to the man who was to be my protector and
husband. There was a security work going on to keep us out of the public eye for
that evening, but it was breached by someone whom we must have trusted and
that made the whole affair even more pathetic. I was not allowed to wear my new
ring and I was not happy with that for I had wanted to wear it to the main wall of the
airport for the sake of feeling it against my hand. I was feeling that to make this
sacrifice of having to hide our engagement from the world was a further intrusion
upon our lives, but this was what was best until we had time to make the
announcement to our family and our friends. I was in agreement with the principle
and had meant to wear it only while we were in the car.  When it became obvious
that we could not leave without the press making us, it was decided that would not
be prudent, and so we left it.”

About her death.
 “I am able to say that I was not aware that I was going to be leaving the world
when I did, or as I have stated, I would have requested that things be kept to a
simple level for my funeral. There were many things that I wanted to say and do if I
had the chance to know that I was getting to leave, but that is part of the beauty of
not knowing. There would be a focus on the leaving and not on the living. I guess
that I have come to the wisdom that even though I was able to leave a few things
for those who I cared about before I made my way out of the world, I really needed
not to know that I was going to die within a given time frame. Then I would have
dreaded every moment that I was away from the boys and feelings of being unable
to do enough would have consumed me.”   
 “I was given a gift of feeling no pain as I left my body and then I could see that I
was not able to make the surgeon aware that I was behind them. It is a very clear
memory that I have of seeing myself there and yet knowing that I was not going to
live. I felt like making them stop, but they continued to make me try to live for
another many minutes. I was aware also of the group trying to give me their
strength, and their fears that they weren’t being able to make any difference. I felt
the wave of pain from them as they decided to make the attempts come to a halt
and that was a painful thing for me to experience. I was not feeling sad or much of
anything for my own self, but I seemed to be feeling their grief.”
 “ I do not feel that I was a marked woman from the royal family itself, but there
were powers that had a vested interest in me not becoming the force that I knew I
could be with my works of charity. I think there could have been a conspiracy to
keep me from making any more of the royal family look and feel any more
powerless in the face of the royal watchers making the comparisons that had
begun to circulate. I was not aware that the royal family had any harsh feelings
towards the work that I was doing, but I had been advised that there was a faction
amongst some of the political powers that could be very displeased with the image
that I was creating.  There could be proof of this if there is ever an investigation
into the whereabouts of the car, but that will remain to be seen. I have the counsel
of my fellow friends here in the spiritual world to make me see that if that were the
case, then I was only making the form of my death more dramatic to further
accomplish something that I needed to do. It was an interesting thing to make that
assumption, but they say that all is planned for a reason and I was consenting to
the purpose and the mode of my departure.”
 “It is so healing to be able to make this discovery, even now, and I am of deep
gratitude for the feelings that I have been able to attain over here. There would be
so much less fear of death if the masses could be more aware of the real peace
and freedom of emotional suffering that accompanies the world of being without a
body. It is almost as good as they paint the pictures of heaven to be, but it is far
more of a real feeling and a real life than the image of being with the angels.”
“I am sure that you know that I have met with those who are my spiritual world
advisors and I find them to be far more determined than what I imagined angels to
be, and I have as yet not seen any with wings. I was wondering for a time if I had
not made the world known as heaven, but find that if there does exist another
realm beyond this one that is closer to the image I was given of heaven, then I
think that I would much prefer to make my home here.”  
 Question asked: Did she feel that meeting and marrying Charles had in anyway
been pre-ordained. In other words, had she come here to do what she ended up
 “I do not know if this is an answer, but the words of my advisors to me were that I
had chosen this as a lesson for myself and the world of humanity and that I had
consciously made the correct choices for this purpose. I do not understand if that
means that I am able to make that another work if I choose to come back, or if I
have done all that I was suppose to do. I was told that not all who come to the
world of physical get to do their intended purpose because they sometimes choose
the wrong course while there. But then again I was told that if they are working at
all with their guidance systems they will find the forward momentum of their soul’s
 “I can not say that I knew any of this when I was there, but it did seem often that
my life was going in a preordained fashion and I was only the former of what I
thought of it. I was given the knowledge that if I had made the wrong choice then I
would have still made the impact that I did, only in another way. It seems that if you
have a will to do something then there is no way you can make a wrong choice for
all things fall together for the good of the soul’s reason to become physical.”

On her work with another channel.    
R.  Do you still want me to wait for a sign that your other “channel” has spoken to
you? Will it still happen as you had planned?
****.  “I am of working with him as we speak, and have made great headway. He is
not one who can as easily work with this world yet and he is often fighting the
words that I send him. We shall continue as we have planned, and I think that you
will recognize the words that I have given to him if he makes this known to the world
at large. When you have been given his words from me, I will then give you your
part of this to bring to fruition. I am going now to work with him even more fully and
will be in touch with you again. All is still as we have planned, but not as easily as I
might have hoped it would be. I am well aware that you wait patiently and I am also
aware that you are waiting for further instructions. Thank you for this and may you
have another gift of joy when you see that it is as I have said it would be. It is a
work that I will accomplish … so make the use of your time now to be of help to
others. This is my pledge to you. If there is a time when we can be of service to
each other, then I shall always be there for you as you have been there for me.”   

Sundry other quotes.
 “I have no need to think that if I want something that I can make it happen simply
because I was the former fairy tale princess. I had learned that lesson while I was
there. The robes of royalty were not so much symbols of freedom and superiority
to me as they were symbols of suffocation and oppression. There were good
things that came from my life there, but the robes were only the stepping stones
for me after I had learned not to trip myself with them.”
 “As we work for the uplifting of the downtrodden, we shall be uplifted. It was one
of the greatest lessons that I learned there in your world and I mean to continue
with this for myself and those who are willing to learn it with their hearts and not
just with their minds.”  
 “May we have success with this project for the future will be aided in ways that
have yet to unfold, but I have had the grace to find these truths within the fabric of
our formed intellect as a species. This is a formal way of saying that our future is
not pre-ordained, but rather upon the weaver’s loom. If you know how to weave a
beautiful pattern, you shall have a beautiful frock. If we have a beautiful vision of
what we want to see at the end of our looms, we shall have a beautiful frock large
enough to fit the entire world.”