R.  I want to talk about the current world situation and the ongoing
war. What insight do you have for me concerning all of this?

G. It is the gift of many things, but the wrapping is very obscuring.
There will be gifts of those who need release to move into the next
phase of the growth process, gifts of those who will achieve great
levels of growth through having lived through this time, and the
unification of many ideologies once the wrappings are removed.   
We are assured that the physical plane will not be harmed beyond
what is given in the minds of men and this is what we wish to share
today. If the minds of men are focused on dire calamities, then this
is the product of their fears. If the minds of men are set on well
being and striving for a better world, then this is the product of their
understanding that all is well in the grander scheme of things
Universally. WE would advise that minds of humans be focused on
the good and the rightness of the Universe, on the balancing that is
inherent in the orderliness of the Universe.

Let not the heart be troubled for reports of wars are but the
balancing of energies that must come before a greater clearing of
old thought patternings may be achieved. If the minds of humans
are set to the rightness of the balance, regardless of the outer
turmoil, then they will find a faster and more complete clearing of
the unwanted energies which have held many in bondage of fear for
so long.

Let not the heart be troubled for the deaths of those who serve, for
they are but released into a newer understanding of Universe. Each
who serve and die on the battlefield reincarnate with a clearer
understanding of the cost of the effects of warring within human family.
It is well served that a balance of humans must serve such roles so
that the progression from a warring race to a race of peaceful beings
is met. It is as if the birthing of understanding is coming through the
things most feared. It is not ordained, but rather chosen by the many in
the realm of physical. As each who have
died in battle seek the growth afforded them by having served
such a role, they are changed in an instant to the ones who value
brotherhood and peaceful relations the most in further sojourns
upon earth. The grief that is shared by those left also help to
temper a realization that warring amongst the human race it too
high a price to pay.

When the balance has been struck, and the lessons learned
through enough souls, then the reasons for war will not be found
upon your world.  We are assured that the survival of the human
race is chosen. We are assured that the moving to earth peace is
awaiting in some future moment when the balance has been
reached. This current conflict will not be the devastation envisioned
by some if the mass choice is otherwise. Focus upon the desired
outcome, let not fear and the ramblings of the fearful shake your
purpose or your choosings. Choose as you are led to choose, but
remember that each grain upon the scale will tip the balance. Seek
to add only to the side of the scale that you desire to have as your