Cincinnati, Ohio
Private Sessions

There are two methods for obtaining a private session:

## Face to face sessions--- Rose offers face to face sessions for
those in the local Cincinnati area, along with a tape recorded copy

of your sessions, by prearranged appointment. This is generally
including a 20 minutes drive time, each way.

However, other arrangements can be made. Contact Rose at the
email link listed on the upper right corner of the page to make
arrangements. Perhaps a phone session will work better for you

if distance and the cost of covering that distance will affect you.

## Remote Sessions--- Since Spirit is not limited in time and
space/ physical presence this is a great feature because often it
is hard to find time in our busy lives for all the things we have to do,
or if you are not located in the general Cincinnati area.  After
permission is given for Rose to make the connection, she will do so
when the energy is optimum. She will then email or snail mail you a
written transcript of the session. This often is no more than 72 hours
from the time a request is received. The remote sessions will

include comments from Rose for clarity and all communication
concerning the session.

For a remote session, please
use the PayPal link located on the
Links page.   After payment is made, please contact Rose at
above emaillink (upper right hand corner of this page) and tell her a
general idea of what you wish for your session. Please include your
email or snail mail address in this letter as well so Rose can send

you the session. This is also a precaution so that Rose can affirm
that PayPal contributed your payment to the right recipient.

(See upper left hand corner of this page for the Links page.)

All private sessions, be they face to face or remote are
including the tape or the written transcript. There is a
PayPal link on the Links page.
See the navigation button at top left.

Kevin MacLeod   Wind Swept