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As people are becoming more aware now I am back, albeit through Andrew, which
of course can easily be heard via the interviews with Rose in the Pod Cast Section
of my site. The interviews with Rose will be continuing for a while anyway until such
time as I gain greater, wider coverage which, of course, now is only a matter of

The point being people on the whole had better prepare themselves for shocks
along the way as I am determined to be honest about things in ways in which I
found it difficult to be in life having an image to protect at all costs lending me at
times to subtly manipulate things in my favor at the expense of others, ambiguous
in my statements, by example, and even denying truths which exposed publicly
might have damaged my reputation, something needless to say I was not about to

I told my brother by example that were I to die before him that I'd find a means to
prove to him that I was still around and he joked with me about his not believing in
that sort of thing. Well, seeing is believing and naturally on my personal site
hearing my voice is further validation of this reality!

Every anniversary of August 31st some people still continue to make a vigil to
"Kensington Palace" where they leave flowers and cards, posters, photographs in
my memory. It is incredibly touching but it also is powerfully energetically and it is
this energy which has determined that I can and have returned! I have said before
that there is important work still left for me to do, this would have been so anyway
as albeit in my head when I died my agenda was full and I had no intention of
abandoning people who I knew were somewhat dependent on me or at least my
fighting for them in whatever capacity was necessary. There was no question that
I'd leave them high n' dry! The fact though that in such a predominant way I have
not been forgotten is what has determined that I can return as it is therefore
recognised that people will still be open to me, to my counsel and of course now
being a lot wiser than before I therefore can certainly be even more positively
instrumental and helpful in carrying out whatever is called for by the various
causes needing my time spent on them and my greatest focus of attention given
them and this will be something that becomes all the more apparent as things
progress and they themselves become known.

At the moment it is suiting some people to allow Charles to bear the guilt and in
some people's eyes the responsibility for my death and in this people are wrong,
very wrong and that's something I intend to prove!

My life gave me a purpose and in the short time I was given to live it and much of
that purpose was achieved, so it was not time wasted. My quest was by example to
promote and evoke humanitarian instincts in people and to do so in action and not
just by word, which is why I did get directly involved with matters that concerned me
and which is why I had the hands - on approach that I am remembered for and why
I was not daunted to expose and bring the focus of attention upon things that had
largely remained hidden certainly from the public eye, physically touching A.I.D.S.
sufferers being just one example of this. My untimely death also serving a
profound purpose and particularly in the circumstances in which it happened
culminating in the feeling anyway of a certain martyrdom, a funeral unlikely to be
forgotten certainly by those who bore witness to it, and grief that is still felt today
for my loss by people who didn't know me personally, who never met me as well as
by those who did, something made evident by the amount of "Diana Memorial
sites" on the net alone as well as a place in the world's history books albeit as the "
Fairytale Princess " who didn't end her once upon a time story living happily ever
after with her " Prince! I hope this has served albeit in some small way to explain to
you perhaps why you have been and are so touched by me even now which I have
no doubt at all is something you will have at times questioned and to say to you all,
as Andrew and others like him are only too aware, the earthbound Diana, the lower
self that appeared as " Diana, Princess of Wales " died in Paris but the "Spiritual
Diana", that of the higher self remains very much alive and the essence of her
spirit speaks to those who hear her speaking in the voice of her lower self so that
she prove herself being acceptable, recognised and understood by the audience
she is endeavouring to reach on this her personal site.   (
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