Diana's Thoughts: Page Two
Diana Speaks Out
Diana Speaks Out

About her work:

 “ I am able to say that when I was first over here within this realm, I knew that if I
chose to remain silent then I could easily do so. … I was given some advice by
those who are here and those who were my loved ones on this level.  They made
me see that I could still be a driving force within my children’s world and that I
needed to do so if there was to be any future for the kingdom.  I am greatly
enamored of the idea that I can still make the world better, and possibly even more
so, than I would ever have dared dream when upon that world.”     

   “It is a good deal of thinking that I have done on why we should make my contact
to you available to the world and this is why I have decided that we should try, if
you are of agreement. There are many things that are given to another human
being if there is no feeling that they are going to remember them if they die. It is a
form of tyranny to allow others to starve to death, to allow others to make their exit
out of the world through improper medical care, to make the children feel that they
have no hope for a brighter future than what they must see their parents cope
with. I feel that our work would make many see that if I can be wanting to change
things even now after I have left that world, then they must assume more
responsibility for these things while they are yet there. I am therefore suggesting
that we give them these things to make them aware that if there is inequality within
the world, then there is an awareness of it within this one. It would do well to make
them see that if I can be there through my thoughts to you, then there are others
here who are making them accept responsibility for their actions. I do not want this
to sound morbid, but if I were to rest in peace as they have said over my body,
then I must make the changes that I so desperately wanted to when there.”
   “I was unaware of the world of spirit to a very great extent within my earthly life,
and I have come to realize that if I had been more aware I would have done things
with a more spiritual mind for the outcome. I am very sorry that I have done things
that will make my sons feel the criticism that they will encounter someday, but then
I was not a very spiritual person. I was a product of the thinking that if I could make
myself happy then I could make them happy.”
“ I was looking for the way to happiness for many years and I feel I focused upon
the physical approach far more than I should have, and when I did find that making
a difference to others made me happy, I was beginning to work with the spiritual

R.  What type of guidelines do you wish to establish for your works that you
started? Give me some examples so I will have some idea of what this will be about.
D. “I will make the statements that if they are to use my name in connection with
any of  the projects that I have started, then they must accept those who come
regardless of their stature and their political beliefs. There is to be no will to turn
away anyone if there is a need and that if they are to make the gifts work to their
fullest they must give them equally to all who apply. …  if they were to use these
for the purpose of making the world benefit then they must divide these up
amongst the world and not unduly so to the United Kingdom. I am well aware that if
they wanted they could make the United Kingdom their top priority, but that would
not be my wish. It is wrong to make someone suffer based upon the area of their
birth, and I wish to make this known to the ones who are delegating the funds to be
used in my name.”
“I want equality for the world, not an imbalance toward the causes of the United
Kingdom, just because I had been their princess. It is wrong to use monies sent
from all over the world for the strengthening of the United Kingdom while those of
other worlds go without. I will also make it known to those with whom I have worked
personally that I will make them aware of my presence if they should need me to
help them with their work.  This is a pledge that I have made to them for the
executing of my wishes. I am content that this is a fair and reasonable thing to ask,
and that if we can make them feel my presence within their hearts, then there will
be great works done in my name for the world’s benefit.  It will perhaps have
vindicated the errors that I have made within that world and I would be able to rest
in the peace that they so fervently wish for me.”
 “I am happy that you are wanting to know this and I will make you a list of the
guidelines when our work has begun. I am your fan for your ability to make this
seem so normal when we both know that for others it would be a formula for being
committed to an institute for the less than able to deal with the world on a normal

   “I began to know then that I would be leaving the kingdom of the toad, and that I
would walk away with my head held high. I assessed what I could do to ensure the
future of my children, and I made the plans with infinite care. I was well advised to
seek the public eye and to remain a central figure within the kingdom, but that
meant that I needed to make myself over into the image that was of vulnerability
and strength. I needed to make my exit with as little disgrace as possible if I was to
be a figure that would endure, and so I chose to make myself over into the image
that they had fought so hard to have me suppress. I began to let the Kingdom see
me as a person and not as a princess on a pedestal.”
    “I began to use the media to my advantage instead of my destruction. I made
sure that if I was photographed it was with those who would best make use of my
presence and my desires for reform for those who have no power and prestige. I
began to use the power of my station to (highlight, expose, convey??? This word
was missing from my transcript.) the plight of the needy and the ailing. I did it all to
make my exit out of the Kingdom mean more than my life in that same Kingdom. I
felt the urge to forgo the routine of having myself be the fairy tale princess, and yet
I knew that this was the role for which I must aim if I were to leave and do any good
for the people who needed someone from the royal family to make the changes
that were needed within the Kingdom.”

    “I know now that I was intended to make the choice to have married the Prince,
but that I was to never know marital bliss for that would have greatly hampered my
efforts of helping those who were in pain. To more fully empathize with those who
were feeling aloneness and despair, I had to be there in an emotional equivalent. I
was meant to know the joys of helping others, but it was only through my own pain
and feelings of rejection that I could do that which I had been of intent to do.”
“ I wanted to make this another session where we delve into the reason why I feel
the need to continue with the realm of physical existence. I have been made aware
of the many things that can and do work with the realm of spiritual thought, and I
feel that if there is not a reformation in my country and the world at large there will
exist many more decades of moral turpitude and decay. There needs to be a
focusing of the greater good rather than the prevailing attitude of seeking only
what behooves the immediate needs of the family. I was one who gave up on
getting anything out of the family that I was born or wed into, but began to
research into the world as a whole as a family that needed to become my home.”
.     “I was never able to explain this to anyone else, but I felt the need to share
what I thought of as my great fortune and blessing to become the princess of the
greatest Kingdom to ever exist. I realized that if a fairy tale princess could be made
out of a lonely, shy, gawkish young girl, then the world could be transformed into
the beautiful place that had been intended by the Creator of all men. I felt the urge
to share what I had with those less fortunate, and would have done so if I had been
able to make the transition within myself to be the force that I craved to be. I
wanted from the first to make the world a greater place, but the restrictions that
were placed upon me by the true powers would have none of it. They meant for me
to only be the mother to the heirs, and an obedient wife to the future king. I was
not yet strong enough to have found my own inner strength about who I was and
who I could be to refute their efforts at making me into what they saw me to be. I
fought long and well, I might add, to become the woman that I did and I paid the
price in personal happiness. I was careful to make this work of undoing what they
had started bear witness to my own efforts of being the one who could rise above
fame and power and wealth to truly care for those who were the ones who needed
the media exposure. I never meant for this to make the world another battleground
for the wealthy versus the poor, but I sometimes feel that if I had not died then that
would have eventually been the outcome.”
 “I wanted the world to see me doing what all of wealth and nobility should do with
their assets and freedom of time. I meant for this to be a role model for the world to
see that those who have should be those who give. Yet it seemed that when the
media carried images of me to the world doing what I felt needed to be done, I
became a sore spot for those who have but do not wish to share. I made the
forefront of many news stories and yet it seemed the ones who gave were the
ones who had the least. I was saddened by the news to me that there were those
who had it to give but wanted only for me to take a backseat with my own activities
so as to not create an unfavorable comparison. The battle lines were being drawn,
not by the ones without, but by the ones with the means to help end world
suffering. I would not want the ones without to make the mistake of giving while
those with sat idly by and made no move to help those who had taken up the fight
on world poverty, sickness, and injustice. I made the battle begin to heat up and I
felt the desire to make the flames get hotter and higher for those who could help
but chose not to. I was well aware of the intimated threats given to me by several
sources, yet I had no intention of being the shy little princess who went back to the
land of make believe that all was right in the world. I had intended after my
marriage to Dodi to make the flames reach a feverish pitch and with his help and
backing would make the battle lines disappear by means of guilt laid at the feet of
the guilty.”
” I was given the opportunity to live in a world that had fallen far from the grace of
highest ideals. I saw more of the life of the well established than most, and yet I
cannot assuage my guilt over the ones who never had an opportunity for the
basics in life. I was never one who felt that just because I was from one given family
that I had any more to offer than another from a less established bloodline. I have
met some very great people in the most humbling of circumstances, and it is this
that has convinced me that to do without is not a sin, but to have and not do with

“I was once set upon vengeance for what I had seen as a wrong. I am now of the
wisdom and heart to make the things I had seen as right become the focal point for
our work. I want now to thank the world that I had inhabited for allowing me to
become the fairy tale princess and giving me the fortitude to find inside myself the
need to further the work of what was right over that which was of always being.
Given this as a basis of focus, we shall exclude the need to seek vengeance over
wrongs, but work at finding more of the features within the kingdom that are
righteous and needed to be added to. Our focus will now not be what should
change, but what should continue.”
“It is a far greater thing to uplift that which is good than to try and destroy that
which is not wanted. I have been given the advice by this world that to work against
something only gives it more power, whereas working towards something good will
also increase the power and scope of things needed within that world. Our work will
continue to support what is needed and focus the harnessed energies of those
who are with this vision into a group that finds only the good and chooses to make
it the prevalent focus. With this as our focus, there can and will be greater things
 “It matters not why I was taken from that world, because I was meant to come here
to this world to continue my work. I was well established as the fairy tale princess
and had built my foundation of needed strength within the kingdom and the world. I
had overcome the ending of my royal journey and had found the peace that I had
been seeking. I had accomplished what I had wanted, and was finding people
receptive to me and to my views. I needed to leave that world as an icon to
establish the need within the people to want to continue my causes and to ensure
the future of the things that I had started. I am now at peace with the transition of
my energy and do not fear for my former works. They will continue and I can add to
them from the source of the infinite wisdom that is possessed by those who work
from this level of understanding.”