Sessions with Spirit
Rose--  Now on the topic of choice…I and a few friends have differing opinions
about free will. What can you say to me about the concept of free will?

Spirit-- The gift of choosing was given at the inception of my idea of other. It was
given so that multi levels of unending diversity could be had.  To see self as
others and yet contain all control would be as looking into a mirror at reflections
of self with no depth to the characters seen. So it is that all who exist have forms
of choice and are free to exercise this as they are prompted to do so. Thus the
gift of free will is a reality and not an illusion and yet there are varying levels to
that freedom.

Your friend with whom you have debated the subject does indeed have freedom
of choice but not in all areas. Freedom of choice is indeed a great thing upon
your world and it is in fact that which creates worlds. The concept of predestined
living is but a misunderstanding that free will is valid but might be of control in
certain areas or certain fields of experience. Those who come forth for the
greatest of lessons to humanity have all been bound by my hand, so to speak,
upon the extent of their freedom of will but that gift has never  been un-honored
in some form. As an example for your world, would a man who had come forth to
sow forth seed in wide areas and have fluidity of travel as his tool be held back
from choosing to be bound by family? It could well be so in order that the primary
purpose for the life granted could be of success. Most would indeed have that
freedom of choice to create a family but for some it is withheld so that their own
chosen purpose of their spirit and my own will might be best attained. However,
that which is withheld in ways of choice is always found to be rich in rewards in
other fields and so the missing of that choice does not seem as a burden.

R.  How deep does the freedom of choice go for most people? Examples if you

S. The will of most is open to being given in all manner and form for their lives.
Do they choose to be one who gains greater education or do they choose to
avoid the higher learning institutions?  Do they choose to be of maximum
productivity or of minimum exertion? Do they choose to worship as they
themselves determine is correct or do they join larger groups and worship as
they are instructed by the leaders of such groups? Does a man not choose each
day what he will be about and how he will interact with those whom he meets?
There is not a segment of life that does not have free will attached to it and that
is reality even in areas of your world whereby little choice is seen to exist.  Did
the man follow the other man into battle because he had to or because he
wanted to? Even if he thought that the choice was not there it was indeed still
there if the man had but determined for himself what his choice would be. Many
offered themselves the option of not doing harm to their counterparts in other
regions of your world and so stayed their own hand from slaughtering. Even in
societies where punishment is meted out for the refusal to be about battle there
was still choice and even unto facing their own death for this refusal they had a

The depth of understanding that choice is like change and that each is ever
present is one that is needed more fully upon your world. It is also to be
understood that each choice made opens other avenues for further choices so
that choices are like the grains of sand upon your beaches, innumerable and
vastly unending. It is also needed to know that in the larger stream of ever living
eternity that there are no wrong choices for the choices made in one era may be
countered and the experiencing of another choice will be had. Your world needs
much in the way of exercising their free will but they cannot claim that it does not
exists except in very few cases in highly specialized service choices made prior
to arriving into your world. Choice is given and it is truly free.

R.  What of murder, of harming another? What about things like the holocaust
and genocide, even incest and rape? Are these choices that can be made by us
with no price to them from an eternity perspective?

S. The world you reside in has it own set of values upon these things and the
values differ from region to region. There are prices, as you call them, for each
of those things you can name which seem to you to be of wrong choice.
However, once the body falls away and the spirit is left to evaluate the choices
made in any sojourn there is not a price to pay except the right to choose to
another choice, which could offer greater understanding of the value of the
former choice.  For those who choose to murder there are many who have
chosen to be murdered so that the experience of that side of choice is given.
For those who hoard material gains from others there are those who have come
forth to experience lack so that they might see what the actions of their former
hoarding might engender within another. It is an ever revolving set of choices by
each spirit for the lessons gleaned in any classroom in any realm. There are no
judgments upon choices for each spirit must glean for themselves what it is they
are wishing to experience and to learn so that in future they might even choose
to teach. Look about the world with an eye to the vast diversity of lessons being
learned and taught and do not see it as an isolated experience. To do thus will
offer to you but a glimpse of how it truly is from what you call an eternity
Choice and Free Will