Sessions with Spirit
Faith, Miracles, Physical Life and Birth
Rose-  What is faith?

Spirit-  The concept of faith is one which is not fully understood upon your
world. It is indeed the belief in things that are not yet revealed nor dependant
upon forms of proof. It is also the practice of belief. One who is in faith does
not do so only in the mental fields but exerts as well a living presence of
acting as though their belief is but the only reality in their physical life.  
They do not hesitate to act as if the reality of it is in their moment of now
time but also as if it has been thus for all times.  It is why it was given to be
written that faith alone without works was as the dead, as those who no
longer produce in the world of physical living.

It should be the same for all forms of faith, should it be faith in ideas,
cultural forms of living, even faith in other humans. The man who says that
he has faith in your ability and yet prepares for the calamity of your next
actions does not indeed show faith in its fullest form. Faith is not only to be
about believing but as well about the doing as if there is nothing other than
what one has faith in. Faith with belief and proper actions is core to the
manifestations of what many upon your world call miracles.

R.  Now that you mentioned miracles, can you tell me something about the
nature of miracles?

S. Miracles are truly not that which is of oddity to the world of non- physical
living but rather exists as something unique and odd within your world of
physical form. The limitations of human thinking and human understanding
upon the foundational frameworks I have established feeds the circumstances
that often require what appears to your world as miracles for correction of
the circumstances generated. In the fields whereby human physiology is left
by the wayside, and thus so too the brain and all taught limiting beliefs ,
miracles appear only as a logical extension of combined forces from the
frameworks of the structures of energy.  These structures are as pertinent
upon your world as they are upon these non-physical worlds but the
understanding of them are altered by the majority of humans and so when
they witness something that is to them miraculous they are given a glimpse
into a world they have forgotten where knowledge of the use of energy in its
purest form is not diluted nor misunderstood. Miracles then for your world
would be when human kind meets that which they truly are and truly know
without the limits placed upon them by various forces such as societal,
parental, educational, religious and even unto inexperience of working with
these frameworks in the material realm.  Miracles indeed are but they are
not oddities upon any world but your own, but this is the nature of play for
those of you who have chosen to enter the playground of physical living.

R.  Okay, so why do we choose to enter the ‘playground of physical living’?

S.  The will of you as you are without the body is not one to be long with
nothing to do or to learn. It is the same with all whom you might look upon
while in the physical body. Various reasons are known for wanting to try new
vistas of existence but it is at core the desire to be once again about
something challenging and expansive.  Could a child learn everything
while within the same four walls or would their opportunities for growth and
expanded knowledge be aided were they allowed to go forth and experience
the diversity of others, of new vistas, of new toys and even a few skinned
knees? Of course those who are all of you, when you are within my folds
a body, desire to be given new toys and new opportunities to expand your
own horizons. It is but your choice to stay within my folds or to venture forth
into playgrounds of your choosing.

Experiencing the diversity of being physical rather than without form is highly
desired by most and so it is that a choice is made and thus comes the time
of choosing where, when and why. Each sojourn is as a time to be about both
forgetting and remembering, being and doing, being aided and being of aid,
and is tended to with great care as to place, time and surrounding influences
of many variables. So the choices made are never identical though may be of
similar vein.  You choice to come to be of service and to be as teacher was
wrought solely by you and is what you are giving rein to in your evolutionary
stride forward in this sojourn. Such it is with each person that may be seen in
physical body for they too sought to come play upon the playground known
as classroom. Some are as the teachers, others as the students and in fact
the roles are interchangeable with but a mere thought of self as being one
the other. There are indeed many classrooms other than your world that you
know now but those who join you in that classroom are there for resonating
fulfillment or they would be found upon another realm or dimensional space of
learning. The answer then is that you are where you are for you chose to join
others in certain lessons, various forms of service and you were eager to
experience what it is you have come to know as your life thus far through a
mighty gift of free will choosing once birthed into that world.

R.  Hey, why is it that we have to be birthed into this world as babies? Why not
just materialize as full adults when we want to come to the playground?  
Why go through all of that re-learning to walk, talk, eat and use the bathroom
again? It seems a bit of a waste of time, even if there is eternity to deal with.

S. The raising of one from infant to adulthood is the imbuing of the being with
cultural and parental forms of vision. It is as well an opportunity for the being
to experience both the stages of helplessness, reliance upon another,
learning communication skills of other forms than previously known and
ultimately the reliance on no other for fulfillment or existence.  It is a learning
of love and trust and the various forms that it may take. It is the time from
infancy that the spirit desires so that full immersion can be had into a state
unlike its true nature where by all things are known, all things can be had and
there is love of self and strength unto its own being.  It is as well that each
spirit births into your world as a time of lesson and renewal for those who
have already gained adulthood. The entrance of an infant alters the adults
around it and is it not true that most upon your world value an infant with high
regard for protection, gentleness, and nurturing? Do you not see how it is a
system that fosters growth for all involved besides the infant who arrives as
one who is new to everything? It allows the aspects of the adults surrounding
the infant to be about practicing many skills such as teaching, patience, being
about prioritizing time and even the joy of love of someone when they are not
able to return much back to them. Infants truly are great teachers upon your
world and should be seen as such. Even the value of re-learning skills as a
child growing is of value beyond measurement.  As an example for you would
be the mother who teaches her child to tie a shoe in a way that was not
taught by any former mother that the spirit may have had in former sojourns.
Each time an old skill is re-learned it is done so with differing measures of
variables from other times and so new connections are made for growth. The
absolute best vehicle for growth is to arrive at the playground as an infant
and to navigate the various structures found to be played upon in vastly
differing ways. Is this not of logic?