Circle of Spirit Meeting  on  9-10-06    

SPIRIT:   We are welcoming you to the interaction again for it is
our purpose to give to you those things that are of knowledge
upon our world and are not yet viable upon your own, We have
indeed spoken about the relativity of reality to illusion, the
availability now for those who are ready to become more
viable in the realms of service and it is our intention today to
speak upon the relativity of time. Each of our discourses are
given as if they had legs to stand upon their own and yet they
are a greater and broader part of a whole. As each of you
have legs and are an individual that stands alone you are yet
part of that which is of a greater whole. These things we deliver
to our Speaker would be liken to a brush stroke upon a very
large canvas.

It is our intention today to speak to you of the availability of the
construct of time. Those of your world see time as being that
which has a forward and a backward, a form of line, and there are
few who do not understand and have knowledge of their more
immediate past. There are those who even have been granted the
ability to see somewhat that of the future and yet most upon your
world do not understand that it is not a line but more of a circle.
We gave to those gathered at the mass meeting last time the
knowledge that time is circular. We now expound upon that faint
brush stroke.

We would give to you this as an analogy: time is somewhat as
what you call an umbrella. It is in a circular pattern and most of
you see what would be known as the rim of the umbrella. Yet as
you walk day to day, one foot in front of another, upon the line or
the linear construct of time you do not understand fully in an
interpersonal way that the line stretches far behind you into
pasts that you do not fully recognize and stretches farther into
the future that you could even envision. While this concept is
not difficult for many what we wish is to also broaden your
perspective on knowing is that while there is indeed a
circumference to time, as the rim of our allegorical umbrella,
there is also a depth. Time is not only circular to us where we
may access what is of our past and what could be of our future
but it is as the bowl of the umbrella; that there is a depth.

As you envision the idea of an umbrella is it not true that all of
the stays that give the umbrella shape are combined in a
central focal point? This is the construct of time, not only
individually but of the greater whole. All that is of the depth of
time relates to the united whole of the whole. We would also
now in these moments have you envision the various types of
umbrellas of your experience. There are those that are very
wide and yet very shallow in depth. There are those narrower in
circumference and yet they are deep enough that they should
cover half of a human. It is thus the same with time for
individuals as it unfolds from the center of the whole. There are
those who experience a greater circumference of time and yet
the depth is not so vast. There are those who would rather
choose a smaller circumference of time and yet there is great
depth from the center.

It is now time for you to look with a greater understanding to the
dimensions of time for each of you within this room have
circumferences but you must begin to look for the depths of your
times. There are changes currently being experienced that would
make the circumference, or the edge of time as you experience it,
expand within your conscious knowing. There will begin to be
availability to some, and then to the many, of those parts of the
circumference of the past that are not consciously known. Those
who are now with the ability to see into the limited future will also
be given greater vision into the expanding circumference of the
future that is coming yet from the whole.

As these changes within the consciousness of humanity are
wrought there will become a greater understanding of the
entirety of each individual and experience will begin now to
show to you that what was in the past will be met upon the road
of circumference in the future. What is also of availability to the
few, in a more limited way than for the many, will be an opening
the depths of time. For those who are well gifted with the ability
to understand and to see the depths that are involved within the
circumferences of time there will come greater expansion of
knowledge and it will become a call to service to explain this to

There is an awareness that is ever spreading and those who
are on the forefront and who are those who said, quite clearly
in their former times, that they wanted to be pioneers in this
time and this reality are going to be experiencing those things
which will be involving the depths of time. We are not alone in
bringing about this information and there will be others who will
be spreading the understanding and within a time on the
circumference of your umbrellas of eight to ten years there will
become a sharing and an awakening to the depths of time
which has not yet been readily seen,

For now our plea is for you to understand that individually each
of you will begin to have greater knowledge of your own
circumference. When the greater knowledge of the
circumference of your individual time has been fully opened then
so shall you too be given glimpses of the inner depth of your
personal history of time. It is time now for us to leave and we
would ask that each of you in your reality be of service as you may.