Diana- Then and Now
Diana Speaks Out
Diana, as we all do, had two aspects
to herself: the physical and the
spiritual. She no longer inhabits the
physical but is working now from the
spiritual levels. What does she see
differently? What would she change if
she had the opportunity? We know
what was then, but what about now?
A new series of pod casts which will
explore the various differences
between Diana as she was then and
Diana as she is now.
"  Hello Everyone,

                                              Whilst I fully realise there will be some
disappointment at the fact that I have decided personally that certainly for now
anyway the 10th Interview in the " Then & Now " series will be the last, I sense
perhaps there being a need for an explanation for this being so.
                                               Since my " After - Life Work" began in 2005, publicly
anyway through Andrew, he had of course been channelling me privately to friends
since my initial connection with him in 1997, so was able to communicate a letter to
William from me in 2000 in regards to this indeed happening, substantial progress
has been made both on the Internet of course as well as in a number of other
areas. So therefore the groundwork if you like has been completed and I therefore
feel it's important for those interested to now do their homework and sift through all
the information available already as opposed to my adding to it continuously and
particularly of course as I drew attention to regarding a question given to me in the
most recent interview, when it will mean  repeating things I have already said so of
no help or consequence to anyone and therefore hardly something useful and
productive to do!
                                                 There might be those now of course who see this
as Andrew getting cold feet and making a fast exit so I mean those who believe it to
be Andrew and not me being channelled through him. Well I said a long time ago,
recognising how worldly popular and loved I was and remain now, for anyone to
step forward promoting something like this happening, making a proclamation of
such magnitude public whilst knowing themselves they were faking it and realising
there would be extensive tests given to verify its authenticity, would therefore only
be something undertaken by someone with a death wish! To be exposed faking it
liable to result in they're being lynched and worse so only someone who desires to
be as globally reviled by the majority anyway as Hitler and Saddam Hussein.
Remember too as I have also said Andrew has made my boys aware of it and
others who knew me both personally and professionally so no it is all very real and
it's a little too late now for Andrew to run and hide!
                                                    It is solely my own personal decision to allow time
to take its own course in determining forthcoming events and I am fully confident
that substantial progress will continue to be made albeit behind the scenes as
indeed has already started happening during the initial hiatus of recent months
but, and this will please some of you whilst annoy others ... You have not heard the
last of me. " Diana Speaks ".

             Thank you everyone for listening and supporting Andrew, Rose and I. We
are all really most grateful.

                                                         With love from,   
                                                                         Diana xx