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Date Posted: 14/06/2007 7:55 PM)

" Andrew and people like him serve a purpose... Bridging the gap between the
Spiritual and Earthly Worlds!

" Hello, In a recent précis in the Forum Area, the one featuring my boys
speaking personally to American television presenter Matt Lauer, I have drawn
attention to the fact that on 18 /09 / '05 I gave a message to Andrew which pretty
much echoes things Harry has spoken about recently so three years later of
course! Naturally I am appreciative that there are going to be skeptical people
around but as this message proves with actually very little justification being so,
it's a complete show of ignorance actually! Were my messages to have little or
no relevance to anything a different story of course but do take time and read
them individually as they are all relevant to various things which is why of course
they have been given to Andrew or else it would all be pretty much a waste of
both his time and energy and mine wouldn't it and it isn't!

I am so looking forward to speaking out in America about things as hopefully
someone with connections will realise they need to utilise them constructively.
Luckily as I say Andrew has connected with Penny Thornton and Andrew Morton
so they are aware of the authenticity of the channeling though naturally for
reasons already spoken about by me have been kept out of the picture pretty
much in recent years as this would not have proved conducive at all to the
work...it would have been the natural assumption of people desperate to
disprove everything, Andrew's being fed information by them by example,
something that needed therefore to be avoided from happening. The only
person giving him information is ME!

I don't expect everyone to immediately believe in the fact that he and I have
such a clear connection not at all, people are cynical that's human nature but
hopefully people like Sarah, ( EX - DUCHESS OF YORK ) my brother Charles
and especially of course my boys will recognise the fact as naturally I will provide
them with evidential proof of it's being so, no reason or cause to doubt it except
perhaps one of fear. The unknown often being a road sensibly walked in
trepidation but I wouldn't imagine so actually in this case ultimately, certainly not
by Wills or Harry anyway, not at all! They after all aware of my very real interest
in "Mediums" and "Astrologers". It is frustrating for me and naturally for Andrew
especially that people he has approached have chosen to ignore him, not even
wishing to explore the fact of whether it could be and is real I connect with him or
not but of course as a friend of his has wisely pointed out it is a highly
controversial subject matter...

Andrew being a "Medium" anyway takes things like this for granted pretty much
and has great difficulty in appreciating that for many people things that he
accepts as second nature are impossible, they just don't happen do they! Of
course they don't, it's all in his wild imagination, the fact I say things which then
have happened is pure coincidence and well...if you believe that you will believe

As I say I am looking forward very much to opening my mouth publicly and
shocking people, I was always rather good at doing that of course and I haven't
changed, I am indeed still very much me and intent on proving I'm still very much
around albeit in a different way naturally but no less a powerful one! I have also
made a point of saying that I am coming back as ME and not the persona
"Diana, Princess of Wales " so I feel it is fair to warn people that the two are
quite different in many ways, I of course now having no need to by example act a
role play but alternatively can be much more open, honest and direct about
things which it is my intention to be as I have things that I need to say as well as
of course ideally the opportunity afforded me to complete the work that was left
unfinished and which was so important to me to complete. Time will tell of course
as human nature is fickle and it naturally will be something greatly dependent on
people's personal beliefs as to how successful, acceptable my return will prove
itself to be but I am confident anyway that I will connect with my boys and that
they will personally know "Mummy" is back so that things can privately be
explained to them which it is important that they are. At the moment of course
neither stepping forward even if having been made personally aware of my sites
existence on the net which I feel sure being the case but sensibly exercising
caution in approaching it as I'd expect them to do, certainly until it is made very
apparent that everything is very real and therefore there is no necessity in
they're not doing so, though I appreciate initially for all of us it's going to be a
tremendously emotional experience to connect again naturally but one I
personally am counting the moments to happening! " Thank you for listening to
me, Diana.

Chapter 27 from Diana's book:

"She Won't Go Quietly" (The Uncensored Diana)
                                        (c) 2005 Andrew Russell-Davis

I have covered the fact already that I had wanted my romance with Dodi public
and for two main reasons, the first being for everyone to see I really was happy
in my new life and celebrating the liberty from the constraints of having been a
royal and secondly to avenge the establishment who had done their best to
make my life unbearable be it to insinuate that I was mentally ill, to spying on me
in my private life, phone tapping etc, blocking any plans I'd had to represent the
country abroad, anything to discredit me and even threats to my safety.
Non-royal, it was told to me that I no longer had the same protection around me
as I'd had as a royal and wasn't entitled to it! The paparazzi having taken
complete advantage of this fact both in the country and abroad and I was an
open target as a direct consequence of this loss of security. On the one hand it
afforded me a greater freedom than I'd been used to for many years and on the
other it was dangerous but there was nothing I could do to change it. The facts
being after my divorce, I was not considered in any way part of that family. Other
people whom I had had associations with received threats to their personal
security too so it was all very real and frightening! So along with the tabloid
photographers who followed Dodi and I our last summer came the paparazzi and
this was the case in Paris. On landing in France we went to the Bois de
Boulogne house in the centre of Paris, once the home of the Duke and Duchess
of Windsor or Edward and Wallis Simpson, it had been their home as exiles of
the British monarchy, he having married divorcee Wallis and renouncing his
right to the throne and now had been bought by Dodi's father. We went there to
view it's possibility as being a home for us in this city, Dodi's Champs Elysee
apartment being too accessible by the press and therefore not suitable to live in
taking into consideration the other residents as well as the security factor. I
would be after all the mother of a future King!  I'd not liked the house finding it
too dark and drab but agreed with Dodi that this was cosmetic detail and it had
potential refurbished and decorated but I also did not like the fact that it also
had a link with royalty in it's history! We left there quite exhausted from the
traveling and fed up with the paparazzi tailing us making a nuisance of
themselves. I begun to have second thoughts as to whether I ought to have
made us so accessible to the camera lens but it was too late. We were driven to
the Ritz Hotel owned by Dodi's father and went straight to the "Imperial Suite"
that had been prepared for our arrival needing time to relax before eating out.
Things were heating up outside with the paparazzi waiting for our next move. We
left the hotel for Dodi's apartment where we would change for dinner arranged
to be at my favourite restaurant in town in keeping with our romantic mood in
spite of the intrusions, nothing could dampen our spirits. On arrival at the
apartment we changed and freshened up but outside the pack had gathered
and it was feared by Dodi's security that our quiet, intimate meal would not be
either private or safe and so plans were changed and we headed back for the
security of the Ritz and tried to eat in the restaurant there but were the object of
all the other diners attention, not something warmly welcomed by us! I actually
felt close to tears, couldn't people just for once leave me alone and respect that
I wanted to be private with my man, a ridiculous thought given to all the media
attention we'd brought upon ourselves, so we left and headed upstairs to the
suite again and there in privacy would eat. I was content to stay in the hotel but
Dodi wanted us to return to the intimacy and home comforts of his apartment for
the night in spite of a telephone call with his father who also advised us to stay
in the hotel, safe and secure! Dodi a determined man was set on the idea and
arrangements were put in motion, the atmosphere tense as I sensed that
outside the pack wondering what was going on were clearly not going to go
away and so arrangements included a decoy car to confuse them of our
departure which would be from the staff entrance and wanting a driver of
expertise, Henri - Paul who had the night off was called into work. At this point I
will say that any non-smoker is tremendously sensitive to smoking and similarly a
non-drinker like myself would notice the signs of and of course smell alcohol on
a chauffeur and " Princess of Wales " or not refuse to get in a car driven by him
whatever the circumstance! I was eager to get to the apartment as quickly as
possible dreading the fact that again we would be targets for the paparazzi and
their intrusive camera lens. Strangely for me, I did not wear a seatbelt as
normally whether passenger or driver, it was the first thing I did but my mind was
focused elsewhere, on our getting to the apartment safely so that the next day I
could fly home to be with my boys!
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